We recently re-launched the new www.centurycity.co.za website, a sizable site containing over 650 html5 and CSS3 driven pages.

    Century City is a 250 ha development in Cape Town which has been zoned for office, retail, residential and leisure components in an integrated, stimulating and aesthetically pleasing urban environment. Most famous for Canal Walk, Century City boasts the largest shopping mall in Africa. It was our pleasure to reinterpret the Century City brand and develop an online presence worthy of their style and scale. Century City with all that it has to offer and a need for dynamic content meant we had to build a user-friendly content management system (CMS).

    With the management of Century City’s online presence, digitalpro absorbed responsibility for e-newsletter distribution, the design of email signatures and the development of the Intaka Island website, an in-house project centered on a 16ha bird sanctuary located within Century City.



    We are particulary proud of this one! www.foodshed.co.za is where different local food producers and buyers are brought together.

    Consumers have a free, user-friendly way of finding local producers and this reduces food miles, increases food education and increases agricultural diversity to make farming communities more sustainable.

    One feature that we are particularly proud of is being able to search for products produced within a certain distance from the consumer. This calculation even takes the earth's curvature into calculation!

    Word from our client: "If you didn't already know it, I've been thrilled with the work you've all put in, and absolutely blown away by the 'can do' attitude from you all. Rian is simply awesome with his turn around times."



    AntiquarianAuctions.co.za is a website that facilitates online rare book auctions.

    The user-friendly interface is highly interactive and bids on the books are updated every second. This gives the site a 'live' look and feel. Even if you're just a visitor to the site, things become quite exciting when the cut-off time is approached.

    The software behind the site is versatile. The owners of the site have applied their unique principle to rare map-, photography- and toy model auctions with minimal changes to the underlying code.

  • WINE ESTATE Websites


    Cape Town has a thriving wine industry and the wine route is a very populour tourist destination. It is therefore paramount that the wine farms appeal to tourists on the Internet.

    Needing beautiful websites to match the extraordinary nature throughout the area, it is no wonder that they have turned to digitalpro for web design services.

    Some examples of our work for the wine farms include Stellenbosch Hills and Freedom Hill



    Systems that need convergence of many Internet technologies to come to fruition are a challenge that we revel in. Examples of these are two Internet authentication systems that we have built, www.bandwidthbar.co.za and www.hotshotmanager.co.za.

    BandwidthBar allows ISP's to resell SAIX (Telkom) ADSL bandwidth to their customers by integrating directly into Telkom's systems and by adding value with advanced services such as MagicDNS, auto-top-ups and customer portals.

    HotshotManager enables hotels to supply seamless and billable Internet access to their guests from a branded landing page. Some of our clients using this system include famous five star hotels in South Africa such as the Oyster Box hotel, the Vineyard hotel and the 15 on Orange hotel.

  • VIGLIETTI - Ferrari


    We've recently upgraded the Viglietti Motors IT network to reflect the standard of the brands they sell.

    Their wireless network is now using technology from Trapeze Networks. The wireless LAN is managed, monitored and secure. There are many unusual Wi-Fi clients such as Ferrari testers that are now happily on the same infrastructure. The local switching on the access points make sure that the rigorous requirements for the 802.11n standard are met.

    Relying heavily on their hosted business software and having to work on web services provided by the factory in Italy, their WAN connections and Internet access from Cape Town and Johannesburg has to be reliable, fast and cost effective. We have achieved this by marrying multiple technologies with clever routing and solid devices.



    Interbet (www.interbet.co.za) is an online betting company that mostly deals with tote bets. Their website is the de-facto standard for bookmakers.

    The trading application ensures high transaction turn-around times and is easy and fast to use. Interbet offers a real-time view of the market and allows for fast strike times. All users have equal opportunity to participate and all trade takes place anonymously.

    Being constantly available and up to date with real-time betting data is a requirement with financial consequences. By implementing synchronising methods with data from satellite feeds and restructuring/maintaining servers and firewalls in their datacentre this goal has been achieved.



    Artwork Genie (www.artworkgenie.co.uk) is a site that allows artists and illustrators to submit designs for clients to view. Artists can create storyboards and upload their images as they progress. This way, the client can track the progress of a project and make comments on each frame.

    Part of the beauty of this particular site is that the entire frame upload/view process happens without any refreshing. The process is completely AJAX driven, making for more of an 'application' type feel, as opposed to traditional website behaviour.

    Besides the password protected client area, the site also offers publicly viewable galleries that showcase the work of contributing artists.

    The website is based in the United Kingdom



    Firecracker.co.za is an in-house project spearheaded and managed by the digitalpro team.

    We list the majority of backpackers in Southern Africa as well as interesting Things to Do whilst on your travels, including regional news, events and the popular Things Travelers Should know.

    Each backpacker listing boasts a comprehensive gallery, Youtube video, facilities, activities, a Google Map and contact information.

    As a side note, the Firecracker team won first prize in the South African Dodgeball Association of Southern Africa during the 2006 championships, held in Stellenbosch. Been there, done that, still own the T-Shirt (Literally).

  • Wesgro


    Wesgro came to us in need of urgent help with their old website. Their website was broken, 404'ing all over the place.

    We received old and ioncube encoded PHP4 code and immediately decided to take action and redo the site.
    The site needed to be updated to HTML5 / CSS3 and the code layout to be clean, standards based and easy for search engines to index.
    There are 5 portals that make up the wesgro.co.za website so we've changed the architecture so that they may manage it all from a central CMS system.
    The 5 different portals also boast a shared, single layout file making site wide changes throughout all portals a simple task.

    New functionality was built in such as member registrations leading to an online market where international buyers may meet up with exporters from the Western Cape.

    Wesgro is responsible for economic development in the Western Cape, promoting investment and trade.
    We are looking forward to working with them to uplift our fantastic Province even more.

  • Cape of Good Hope - SPCA

    Cape of Good Hope - SPCA

    On a rainy day back in June 2010 we received a newsletter from the SPCA asking for donations. We immediately noticed that the newsletter simply could not have the desired affect on potential donors.

    Being animal lovers and all of us pet owners, we contacted them and set up a meeting at our offices. Lamees showed up and expressed her concern about their current providers and lack of response to newsletters being sent.

    We unanimously agreed to design, manage and facilitate all their email newsletter campaigns, as part of our social responsibility at no cost.

    Since then we have done mail runs ranging from notifications, invites, reminders and thank you's to more than 100 000 recipients. We provide the SPCA with statistics after each campaign, such as Newsletter Views, Link Clicks, Bounces etc.

    We are proud to be the official email marketing sponsor for SPCA Cape Town!

  • Mobile Websites

    Mobile Websites

    Mobile sites are not going to be the next big thing, they already are.

    We've spent a lot of time on research and development and are proud to launch our new mobi site development service.

    Developing websites that are responsive and changes according to different screen sizes, we are able to create sites that work well on computer screens, tablets and mobile phones.

    If you need a mobile site that looks and behaves like an application on your phone, we are able to leverage the power of jquery mobile to make this happen.

    Mobile sites are essential to close the marketing loop between social media such as twitter, off-line publications with QRcodes and your sales goals.

    Do not be left behind and contact us today for a consultation on your mobile strategy!