Search Engine Optimization – how to get found on the Internet

A website’s web presence is greatly increased by use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques. SEO will increase not only the quantity but also the quality of your web site’s traffic. The process of SEO consists of making sure that search engines do not have any trouble indexing your web site and also creating and adjusting content so that relevant keywords are indexed. More information on these two practices may be found in the below sections.

We do not provide any SEO black hat or spamdexing services. This tends to give instant results that fail in the medium to long term. Our belief is that your web site needs to provide relevant content and should rank well for the future.


This refers to the XHTML / CSS coding of a web site. The way your site is structured must be search engine friendly. There are many standards to follow and then a few special development techniques that will make indexing a breeze. Help the search engine spider along with our well structured web sites. Sites developed by us adhere to standards. We can also look at existing web sites on a consulting basis to recommend changes to implemented.


There are many web design rules to follow that makes searching and indexing your web site easier. A search engine spider is a robot program (bot) that searches through the Internet for web sites and indexes them according to their content. It is of no use having content optimized pages that cannot be reached by search engine spiders. Each search engine has their own spider and they follow their own rules. Best to create your web site to welcome all of them in.


You may have a dazzling Flash site which cannot be indexed by search engines. Google has built in the ability to scan for textual content through Flash files and this only works if your Flash has been programmed correctly. We have methods of making Flash site content and navigation indexable whereby the Flash files read in content from a normal XHTML/CSS site as XML data and uses it for text. This leaves plain text for search engines and anyone without Flash installed to find.


Web standards are there for a reason and they should be followed to ensure accessibility. Beautiful source code leads to not only site maintainability, but also to search engine spider happiness. Keyword content can also be maximized by using basic HTML such as image alt tags (which should be used in any case) and also by making sure that page titles are relevant.


Content on websites is of utmost importance when it comes to search engine rankings. Only relevant content will make your site rank for the correct keywords. This is a constant process thus we run this as a campaign to improve your rankings over a period of at least 6 months.


When it comes to your visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) this is certainly true. Content should be relevant to your web site and targeted interest groups whilst still being of interest and user friendly. Article spamming is a no as you still need your web site to be constructed well and usable. We outsource to relevant and experienced copy writers. They report to us and we make sure that the content will suffice. Make use of our service and lets see your ranking improve steadily!


We do not believe in quick fix methods whereby your rankings get boosted instantly. This can only be achieved using search engine spamming techniques. In the long run, it means that you will be caught out and that your site will be removed only to be ranked once again after things have been fixed. Growing your rankings over time means that you will have a steady site and can look forward to a mutually beneficial future with any search engine. The one secret is that if it is beneficial to your users, the search engines should not be a problem.


It is possible to run a paid for campaign to up your search engine page results (SERP’s). Examples of these would be pay-per-click campaigns such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. This works best if combined with an SEO campaign. The advent of social networks has also opened a whole new world on marketing.


These programs (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter) will rank your website at the top of their results for a fee. Your site will only be ranked for certain keywords and therefore it is important to do this in conjunction with the a SEO campaign so that the correct keywords to be used can be identified. This is a sure-fire way to get things on the roll!


Have followers on your twitter account that gets automatically fed by new content on your blog and integrate those two with your facebook fan page. The possibilities are endless and new creative techniques are engineered daily. Our framework connects seamlessly between web mash-ups. Get people talking about your site and drive traffic through new media.