Put More Value in Your Top Line

Are you wasting the most valuable real estate in your email message? You are if the first line readers see is a negative statement like this: “Having trouble viewing this message? Click here to view it on our Web site.”

Thanks to preview panes, image-blocking and Outlook’s Auto preview, this might be the only line readers see in your email. So, you need to give them a better incentive to scroll into the email or click to the Web version. Rewrite your top line each time so that it reiterates your value proposition or specifies the benefit in the message:

Offer-oriented message: “(Customer name), if you are unable to properly view your email to receive free shipping on your order, view the online version (URL) or enter promotional code ABCD1234 through August 27th to receive your special savings.”

Newsletter: “Scroll down to read why open rates don’t really matter or click to see it on our Web site (URL).”

Yes, it adds maybe a minute of work each time you create a message, but it could be your most valuable minute.

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